Randy J. Smith, Founder/Owner, Home Remodeling

RANDY SMITH, Founder/Owner

Raised in rural Kentucky, Randy learned ethics and responsibility through his family’s small businesses. With the skills from his early years, Smith rose to several leadership opportunities within the medical and state fields.  

In 1986, he sold all of his previous businesses to begin a new vocation – as a remodeling contractor. Under a friend’s supervision, Smith had the opportunity to learn all aspects of the contracting trade.

In 1988, Smith started a Classic Home Remodeling business in Lexington, KY.  He later took a partner who shared similar interests and skills.  The partnership moved to Florida and lasted until 1993, where the two went to different areas of Florida – Miami and Tampa.  The Florida business was highly successful until the 2008 recession.  Upon recovery, Smith took his business to Chattanooga in 2009.  Over time, the business grew and he realized that he needed to hire subcontractors.  The business has continued to blossom through the years and is now an LLC and will be managed by himself alongside a team of project managers.  They look forward to future expansions and acquisitions.

Smith now has 4 adult children ranging from 39 to 47, a stepson, 11 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren, 2 German shepherds and a barn cat.  He and his wife of 28 years, Kay, enjoy family gatherings, salt-water fishing, and road trips. Smith truly enjoys his work that he gets to grow and invest in daily. 

A-1 Remodeling By A-1 Project Managers

WALTER ALY, Estimator

Water joined the A-1 Remodeling Team in 2020.
Kevin Andino, Project Manager


Water joined the A-1 Remodeling Team in 2020.
John Holland, Project Manager, Home Remodeling

JOHN HOLLAND, Project Manager

John grew up in Jacksonville, Florida the son of a Church of God preacher and a butcher. He started his work life off learning the butcher trade. He got into to the construction business while in Florida where he learned framing and flooring. He was in the industry for six years before he moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he met and married my wife Angela. They have two sons ages 30 and 22. He has lived in Tennessee for 17 years and loves the Tennessee Mountains and never wants to leave.
Rosendo Perez, A-1 Remodeling Estimator


Rosendo joined A-1 in 2020.

DENIS ROZNIK, Project Manager

Born in Minnesota, Denis started his first job finishing cabinets at the age of 16. In early 2017, his family moved to Chattanooga, TN.  Denis continued working in a custom cabinet shop until end of 2017.  Later, he opened my own small cabinet shop which slowed down beginning of 2019. During that time, Denis realized he really enjoyed working with the clients so started the search for a job where he could do just that. Joined A-1 October 2019. Denis also got married July of 2019.  He enjoys fishing in his spare time.  2019 was a great year and he is looking forward to all of the many good things 2020 has in store!
Randy Sharp

RANDY SHARP, Project Manager

Randy joined the A-1 Remodeling Team in 2019.

HAROLD SMITH, Project Manager

Harold is from a small rural farming community in NW Indiana with a population of around 4,500 people.

After high school he joined the military. First the Air Force as a cabinetmaker, then the Navy as a nurse, with combined service time of just over 11 years.  Harold holds degrees in both Architectural drafting and design as well as health and human sciences.

After leaving the military, he returned back to his hometown in Indiana to start a small mom and pop cabinet shop with his wife.   The shop thrived for almost 30 years until the untimely passing of his wife.  You may be interested to know that the shop still exists today by the same name, but is now owned by his very first employee.

He moved to Chattanooga in 2016 and has since remarried.  Though a transplant, he is very proud to call this area his home.

He is a hot air balloon pilot, dog lover, a former 4-H woodworking instructor who is currently remodeling his own home.

JT VAN HASSENT, Project Manager

JT Van Hassent is a highly skilled and results- driven manager with extensive experience in facilities management, commercial construction, site development, contract negotiating and project scheduling. He has previously worked extensively in the military, pharma, banking and educational environments. Throughout his career, he was considered an effective leader that valued consistency.

Van Hassent joined the A-1 team because he wanted to work in a friendly, supportive atmosphere where personal attention is paid to the clients. He is excited to bring his construction and facilities management experience to local customers with A-1 Remodeling.

Rick Waters, Project Manager, Home Remodeling

RICK WATERS,   Project Manager

Rick Waters started his contracting journey while working with his father as a child. After attending College, Waters began framing houses for a living. Sometime around 1988, Waters started his own business- building spec and custom homes. As his building career began to wind down, Waters began remodeling.

Waters enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family, and he has one son. He loves riding his motorcycle and watching baseball and football.

Billy Wheeler, Project Manager, Home Remodeling

BILLY WHEELER, Project Manager

Billy Wheeler grew up in Bolingbrook, IL, where he learned contracting and remodeling from his family at the young age of 9 years old. It was with his parents, Bill and Marge Wheeler, that he learned aluminum siding and treated lumber decks. From ’81 to ’85 he shoveled snow for his parents’ company, B&M, then later in ’86/’87 he started plowing for them. He took over his parents’ company in 1995. In 1996, added vinyl and composite decking. Billy has been using the Xactware estimating software for insurance claims since 1986.

His family moved to Cleveland in 2012, and he began his journey with A-1 Remodeling as a contractor. He became a project manager in 2014. Most recently, he proudly claims the title of grandfather to Bently James born in April 2019. He finds joy and continued entertainment in tinkering with electronics and autos.

A-1 Remodeling By A-1 Project Managers

HUNTER ZIEGLER, Project Manager

Hunter joined the A-1 Remodeling Team in 2020.
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