Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is where you get ready for your day.  Why not have a bathroom that is inviting and luxurious for you to end your day in as well?

Custom bathtubs, updated fixtures, modern lighting can make your space more relaxing and enjoyable. If you are ready to give your bathroom a makeover, get in touch with A-1 Remodeling by Randall J. Smith, LLC today.


Homeowner wanted an upgrade to their bathroom.  Before, the tile floors were slick and the large tub took up too much room.  We opened up the space, added a corner, walk-in shower, fresh paint, upgraded flooring, vanity mirrors and lighting.  The homeowners LOVE it!


2020 Bathroom Remodeling Project


During Photo of corner shower installed in 2020


Bathroom Remodeling Project 2020

Turn your bathroom into an in-home oasis

Schedule bathroom remodeling services in Georgetown, Cleveland, Ooltewah, TN serving a 50-mile radius of Chattanooga, TN including Northwest Georgia.

Do you cringe every time you set foot in your bathroom? Your bathroom should be a place where you can escape the stress of life, but old, worn-out fixtures and features can make it hard to relax and unwind.  If you’re ready to give your bathroom a makeover, get in touch with A-1 Remodeling by Randall J. Smith, LLC today.

We’re home to some of the top bathroom remodeling contractors in Georgetown, Cleveland, Ooltewah, and Chattanooga, TN.  Whether you want to update a single feature or redo your entire space, you can rely on us to help.  We’ll make your dream bathroom a reality for a price that other companies in the area can’t beat.

3 reasons to hire A-1 Remodeling by Randall J Smith, LLC

If you need bathroom remodeling services in Georgetown, Cleveland & Ooltewah, TN, choose A-1 Remodeling by Randall J Smith. You should choose our bathroom remodeling project managers for your project because:

  • We’ve partnered with local interior designers to make it even easier to bring your ideal bathroom to life.
  • We offer free detailed quotes on all of our bathroom remodeling services.
  • We do everything turnkey, which means you can trust us to do the job the right way from start to finish.

Don’t choose just any bathroom remodeling contractors for your project. Contact A-1 Remodeling by Randall J Smith today to discuss your project with a local expert.

A-1 Remodeling by Randall J Smith, LLC. is a company specializing in complete project management services with design & build for kitchen, baths, room additions, interior and exterior remodeling, garages, and decks. 

We install all services needed for home improvement including flooring, tile, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation, cabinetry, roofs, painting & staining, siding, structural & trim, carpentry, concrete, block & brick, excavation, wall removal with header installation, and anything else needed for your home project.

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